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28/12/2016 [GUILD SHOP] Itens has been added to our Guild Shop.
28/12/2016 [ZOMBIES] Loot fixed, it is dropping regular life ring.
28/12/2016 [BLESS] Protection on bless has been reduced, players will lose more experience. This change will take effect after server save.
21/12/2016 [Client] Our client is available to download. Please note that you can still use regular client and ip changer.
16/12/2016 [Payment Recovery] Payments history are updated into our database, to recover your payment, access your account and click in 'Old Payment Recovery'. Note that only payments from August, 1 will be recovered.

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Latest News

Patch: Yalahar Content
Couple fixes were made in Yalahar,

Dragon's south raspawn has been increased.
Yalahar' path to Necromancer was fixed. It is not causing debug anymore.
Potion and Blank Rune lever has been added to magic shopkeeper.
Boat to and from Yalahar/Mistrock/Fenrock has been fixed.

D2 Server.

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New Season: Changes
D2 Community,
Here are couple changes that will take place in this upcoming season:

-New experience stage, for more information access our Library.
-New botting policy: cavebotting away from the keyboard is not allowed.
-Mana fluid and blank runes discount system were decreased.
-Bless should not protect against loss of items, and its protection against experience and skills were reduced.
-Magic Level rate decreased from 3x to 2.7x.
-Loot message were fixed when killing summon.
-Bunnyslippers speed decreased from 60 to 30.
-Stone Skin Amulet chance of loot from Warlock and Hydras were decreased.

All these changes were generated from player's feedbacks during last season. They are intended to increase server's war system and longer joy.

D2 Server!

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D2 is about to start!

The great day has come!

D2 server will open shortly, and here's a few tips to get you started on the way.

- As soon as you wake up in the temple, the character will have already begun the Noob's task, which will require the assassination of 50 mice or spiders. Kill them and talk to Grizzly Adams, located next to the Thais depot, or near the depots of other cities. You will be rewarded with some experience points, money, and receive access to Mickey, a boss. Kill him and talk to Grizzly Adams again to get your next mission.

- Do not forget to accumulate richness and buy your home as fast as you can, they are well ordered and difficult to buy long in the game. Houses are great for mages, since it is a great place to store all your runes and miscaleneous; also, you will have access to bed, which regenerates your mana and life while you are fed and offline.

- Do use blesses! Amulet of Loss costs 40.000 gps, while bless price is based on the level of the character. Bless do prevent loss of items and containers and reduce the loss of experience and skills.

- Sell your items at the Djinns or Rashid, located on the right exit of Thais, on the wall. You will also be able to use our offline market, make sales while you are offline and receive the money at your bank account!

- Alva is a great place to hunt crocodiles and tarantulas, and much other creatures. To access it, go to Cormaya, and walk to the south of the island.

For more information about the game click here.

We hope you at the opening!

D2 Server

The essence of Oldschool Tibia.

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