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18/10/2016 [BLESS PRICE] Bless price has been increased, basically the higher level ones will suffer more with the new formula, which is almost 2x more expensive depending on the level.
14/10/2016 [YALAHAR] Stay tune, Yalahar map is coming up!
12/10/2016 [SERVER ONLINE] Maintenance was a success and we are back online. A new event is up, and we will post more about it soon.
12/10/2016 [MAINTENANCE] Server will be down today at 4:00 pm (GMT-3) for maintenance purposes. It will be back within 1 or 2 hours.
09/10/2016 [COMMANDS] To see all server commands, click here.

Most Powerfull Guilds

Caution Of Death

801 kills

Beicola Fast Hands

699 kills


640 kills


518 kills

Latest News

Patch 4.03 - Server balance
Dear D2 Community,

D2 has reached its first month online of the current season, and we decided to make few changes on which players has been suggested during this month.

Long story short, the updates are mainly on nerfing and boosting vocations, monsters and quests, and also, fixing bugs and tweaking new features.

Paladin has its melee damage, magic damage and healing increased.

Knights will suffer with reduced attack power.

Mages has its defense increased, but its mainly magic attacks, such as, ultimate explosion, energy wave and sudden death rune, had its attack decreased.

Warlord Sword has its attack decreased from 53 to 50. Nothing has change with its requirement qualification, it still can be equipped single handed.

Black Knights has its life and defense increased.

Ferumbras, Orshabaal and mostly of the Arena creatures has their powers increased.

It is not possible to start an Annihhilator I and II quest with people inside, even if they are at the reward room.

You must be in a protection zone to receive online store mail.

Few areas has its passages wider, to difficult easy trapping.

Note, most of these updates came from suggestion from the forum, we will still tweak everything, so please, do not hesitate to post your suggestion there.

These updates will take effect after the upcoming (Sunday) server save.

D2 Server.

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Feather Event - running until sunday!
Dear D2 Community,

Some of you have noticed a slightly chance of dropping a roc feather from creatures, appreciate it!

There will be a 10% drop chance by killing any monster on the game. Try to accumulate the maximum that you can!

You can exchange them for prizes by talking to NPC Old, located at almost every town.

There will be the small prize, on which requires 10 feathers to win few platinum points, the hard prize, 50 feathers to win few crystal coins, and hardcore prize, 100 feathers to win a random number of premium points from 1 to 20.

Please like our page on Facebook and stay tune for further updates!

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Patch 4.02 - New Killing System, Features, Fixes
Howdy D2 Community,

During the past week, we have been accumulating idea and changes to improve our gameplay, which much of them came from forum suggestions, so if you did not give your opinion yet for future features, please do not hesitate to do so.

First, we wanna introduce player killing points. You will receive those points by killing players over level 80. The amount of points will depends on player's level, and player's vocation, on which by killing knights, you can receive up to 6x more points!

Player killing points can be used to purchase items on our new store. We are still adding items to these store, if you tell me your thoughts on what item should go there, please go to our forum, and comment to our specialized topic there.

We have made few map configurations as well, mainly on Alva. Many of hunts had the paths wider, to avoid easy blockage on the passage. Also, we have added a bank NPC at the town.

Heavy Missile Rune (HMM) had its power increased.

New features on which show bless death's information on character page and latest kill page. Also, we had create a whole new page to inform all the commands presented on the server, to access click in Library:Commands.

Few bugs fixed on hunted system, Ciganum area and exura's paralyze removal.


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Patch 4.01 - Hunteds, Conjuring, Mailing, Fixes.
D2 Community,

we are happy to introduce new features for you.

Let starts with the new bounty system.

You can offer an amount of money for the head of someone.
If the player is killed, players who participate on the kill will receive the spliced payment.

You can also increase the prize pool for the hunting. If someone else already have started a hunting for a player, you can add money to the reward by typing the same command, including the amount of money you want to put in.

The command to target a head is: !huntplayer player name, cash amount

Target players will be displayed on the website by clicking HERE, but also in-game, on his description.

You can now view the amount of runes you have conjured by clicking on a blank rune.

You will receive news from our server, in case you are online by the time we send it, on your depot.

Please like our page on Facebook and stay tune!

We also give support though our Facebook page, in fact, it is the fastest way to talk to a staff member!

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Dear Community,

We apologize for the instability this afternoon, we contacted our hosting to understand what might be happening, and it suggests that we have a problem on our hardware.

We have asked to changed the improper part, and it should occur at anytime tomorrow, we will keep everyone informed as we receive more news.

At this time, the server is online, but unfortunately we can not guarantee stability as long the hardware is not changed. If the change is not made in 12 hours, we will exchange hosting, and you will need to download the new client to update the ip address, so stay tuned to the news!

Server is online, accessible from the same client and IP.

Team D2.

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D2 is about to start!

The great day has come!

D2 server will open shortly, and here's a few tips to get you started on the way.

- As soon as you wake up in the temple, the character will have already begun the Noob's task, which will require the assassination of 50 mice or spiders. Kill them and talk to Grizzly Adams, located next to the Thais depot, or near the depots of other cities. You will be rewarded with some experience points, money, and receive access to Mickey, a boss. Kill him and talk to Grizzly Adams again to get your next mission.

- Do not forget to accumulate richness and buy your home as fast as you can, they are well ordered and difficult to buy long in the game. Houses are great for mages, since it is a great place to store all your runes and miscaleneous; also, you will have access to bed, which regenerates your mana and life while you are fed and offline.

- Do use blesses! Amulet of Loss costs 40.000 gps, while bless price is based on the level of the character. Bless do prevent loss of items and containers and reduce the loss of experience and skills.

- Sell your items at the Djinns or Rashid, located on the right exit of Thais, on the wall. You will also be able to use our offline market, make sales while you are offline and receive the money at your bank account!

- Alva is a great place to hunt crocodiles and tarantulas, and much other creatures. To access it, go to Cormaya, and walk to the south of the island.

For more information about the game click here.

We hope you at the opening!

D2 Server

The essence of Oldschool Tibia.

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